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I'm using the Simpleviewer Pro. I'm creating a site on a white background. I'd like to make the arrows on the large image white, but the nav arrows grey. How do you do this in the XML file?

Also, is there a way to have the captions appear under the large image, and centered, rather than below the thumbnails?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I think I've found the code for the caption placement. But if anyone has the answer for the nav arrows, that would be great!

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Hello webdiva.
Would you care to tell me where that code for the caption is ?

I am trying to achieve the same thing,and i was playing with modifying its position in the original .fla source.But maybe you found something easier ?
Thank You.

I don't know (yet) how to help you with the arrows  :D .But i'll keep poking around.

Re: Arrows & Borders

Hey webdiva,

I think i've found a way to change the color of navigation arrows.
Open up the file, go to line 54
static var pagingArrowsColor:Number = null

and change null to whatever color you want.The syntax for how to change the color is in the file above these options.I've changed it there and it looks like it works like that.