Topic: Browser resize issues etc

I'm a new simpleviewer user and all in all have found it to be mostly trouble free.... That is until I tried to embed the code into an existing site I am working on!

You can see my dev page at … imple.html

The issue I am having is that when the browser is resized, the simpleviewer gallery is not resizing with it.

If I use just the raw code output that simpleviewer creates on a "naked" page then all is fine and resizing the browser window functions as expected in both Safari and Firefox.

Once I embed the code into my exisiting page, the resizing fails on both browsers and even more strange, firefox displays the gallery very very small.

Any help would be greatly apprieciated!

Another very minor niggle with the embedded page is that the header image jumps slightly up and to the right when the simple gallery page is loaded (to see this, go to any of the other pages on the nav bar and then back to the "simpleviewer" page.