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I believe I have v1.7 of SV Pro.  Great program.  I've done the tweaks provided by Watusee & Felix to position the captions beneath the image.  But for some reason the caption text wraps before it gets to the end of the image.

Max width of an image is 640 (or 480 depending on the orientation).  I'd like the captions to dynamically wrap to the edge of the image depending on the orientation of the image.

I've been searching through the forums for 20 minutes but can't find the answer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[I'm a a developer, not terribly well-versed in Flash but I can hold my own]

Re: Caption Text Wrapping Too Early

Hey, anyone got any leads on this?  Help a brotha out!

Re: Caption Text Wrapping Too Early

Nevermind, I figured it out myself finally.

PM me if you are having this problem and I'll share it with you.

Re: Caption Text Wrapping Too Early

The solution is:

In, just above the two lines you commented out, change this line:

mCaption_mc.txtText._width = mThumbArea.width;


mCaption_mc.txtText._width = mImageArea.width;