Topic: Main image won't resize when embedded in HTML

I just purchased the PRO edition because I thought it would solve the following problem...

When I embed SimpleViewer into an existing HTML page, the SimpleViewer main image will not resize even if the HTML page is set to 100% width rather than a fixed pixel width.

To test this, I took SimpleViewer out of the HTML, resized the window, and the  HTML content on the page flows automatically as it should.

I then tested SimpleViewer on its own by clicking on the SimpleViewer index.html - which launches SimpleViewer by itself - and the main image resizes itself automatically when I resize the window. 

I then embed SimpleViewer into the HTML page and again, the main image fails to resize and the HTML page no longer resizes either.

What's hapenning here?


Re: Main image won't resize when embedded in HTML

Not sure. I sounds like you have a problem in your HTML code that embeds the SWF. Make sure the width on the SWF is set to 100% also. If that doesnt do it, please post your URL (replace dots with spaces)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.