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Is there a free version which I can use to only pull from Flickr? I've saved the files but can't seem to get it working on my server.

I have no problem pulling exclusively from Flickr and almost prefer having the TiltViewer link in the bottom corner. I just needed to know if there is a free version or if I simply don't know what I'm doing. If it comes down to it I'd happily pay, this is fantastic gallery app.

Also, I'm sure many other people are looking for a post like this lol.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Free version?

I am going to use for my website, licence fee which let's you do many things is arounf 95 $

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currently there is no free version of TiltViewer to use on your site. If you just want to load your flickr images into TiltViewer, you can use a URL like this: … 508968@N00

Check the 'Display Custom Images' section here for instructions:

If you want to use TiltViewer on your own site with images loaded from a local static folder, or configure many options then you can buy TiltViewer-Pro: … iewer/pro/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I reckon the pics must have a public profile on Flickr?
Is there a way to avoid that?