Topic: SWFs folder for SV galleries bug?

I've setup some SV galleries using SWFs instaed of jpgs.

All works fine locally on my laptop...but as soon as i upload them to my website, the links are all dead? What gives here?

I've not yet added all the icons for the SWF's yet, but it worked locally.

I've put both source images & thumbs in a folder a couple levels above the index.html file, but it all works locally??

Any ideas anyone?'s some stuff though that does work:

"1" swf embedded in a gallery of jpgs.
"1" swf in a gallery by itself it's a little mind boggling right now!!

Re: SWFs folder for SV galleries bug?

I also noticed that the galleries with SWF on SV that the image shows up initally shifted outside of it's intended border in goes out...althought for just 1 second shift, is just annoying...any ideas anyone?

Just uploaded the page to the web, & even worse, the swf (looping after 10seconds) is actually out of its SV border for the 1st loop cycle = 10secs!

Re: SWFs folder for SV galleries bug?

Well, it seems that its ususally the 1st of multiple SWFs that don't load properly....THat's what's happening to me anyway....

The oddest thing is that EVERYTHING works LOCALLY on my computer...just not properly over the internet!

Okay...on another test...A 1st positoin SWF was inserted into a regular jpg gallery....The thumb loaded fine, but again not the SWF itself. This is getting to be a waste of time...Does Airtight have a spec sheet somewhere that tells us about the SWF's...size, dimensions, etc..that it might have to conform to?? I konw that some programs insist that SWF's fall with dimensions that are divisable by the number X, eg. divisible by 3 or something....

Re: SWFs folder for SV galleries bug?


there are no specs that the SWF must conform to.

If you are seeing the loaded swfs locally but not on your webserver it may be a letter case issue. Check the FAQ, Q4: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.