SimpleViewer v2.1 Released!

We just released SimpleViewer and SimpleViewer-Pro v2.1, and it’s a big update! The two big new features are Universal Playback and drag-and-drop gallery creation.

Universal Playback

SimpleViewer now supports Universal Playback and can be viewed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android. SimpleViewer v2.1 includes SimpleViewer Mobile, a HTML5 version of SimpleViewer specifically designed for mobile devices that do not support Flash. SimpleViewer Mobile provides a minimal interface to better present images on a small screen.

The mobile version of the gallery is automatically created and is displayed if the user’s device does not have the Flash plugin enabled. To see this in action, view any SimpleViewer demo using a mobile device.

Drag-and-Drop Gallery Creation

svBuilder-Pro will automatically resize images, generate thumbnails and create the required XML and HTML embed code. As a bonus we are now releasing a free version of svBuilder for SimpleViewer standard users.

View the full change log here. As always, please report any issues in the support forum. Thanks to the beta testers and the SimpleViewer support crew who have been invaluable in tracking down bugs.

Get the Update

As always, SimpleViewer-Pro upgrades are free within the same major version number, check here for upgrade information. SimpleViewer standard users can get the update here.

7 Responses to “SimpleViewer v2.1 Released!”

  1. Drew Tate says:


    I want to use Simple Viewer with SlideRocket in this presentation:

    Can it be done? SlideRocket folks said they don’t have a plugin for Simple Viewer, but since both apps are in Flash, it shouldn’t be too difficult…


  2. josh says:

    I love the addition of the universal player! Wish it didn’t entirely omit the thumbnail navigation (or could swap between one big image and a page of thumbs). Great work.

  3. Patrick Graham says:

    This is just brilliant. I was really rather confused by the old way of doing things and had to put my website on hold while I worked it out. Now I can just drag and drop rather than writing the code by hand.

    Thanks! Also big thanks for this being made available to past and present customers. 😀

  4. bertrand says:

    Is this new Non-Flash version available only for Simpleviewer gallery? What about the Autoviewer gallery?

  5. Lea Minshull says:

    Hi I have the Simple Viewer Pro v2.1 which is great except I can’t use it as the full screen pics look staturated almost over saturated but the normal screen mode and thumbs looks flat. The Simlpe Viewer in CS5 is perfect except for the square thumbs which can’t be changed other wise I would forget the Pro and stick with that. Can you advise my in any way.
    All the best Lea Minshull

  6. Felix says:

    Please post support questions in the support forum:

  7. stefania says:

    ciao, come faccio a caricare la mia presentazione su piattaforma blogger? grazie

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