New Instant Flickr SimpleViewer Demo

To show how easy it is to instantly load Flickr images into SimpleViewer, we’ve added a new demo.

View Demo

To load your Flickr images, just enter your Flickr user name and/or tags into the page URL. These URLs can be shared to allow others to view your content.

Note that your Flickr user name is different than your user id. To get your Flickr user name, login to Flickr and look for the ‘Signed in as…’ text at the top right. You can also get a Flickr username from a Flickr photostream url here (second field down).

To get full control over loading Flickr images, upgrade to SimpleViewer-Pro which includes these Pro Flickr configuration options.

Please pass on this demo link so others can see how easy it is to use SimpleViewer with Flickr.


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  1. Felix,
    Are the thumbnails generated from the larger images or are they their own file?

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