Coming Soon – a Brand New HTML5 Image Gallery!

Some exciting news from the labs – we are close to launch a brand new image gallery product called Juicebox! Juicebox is built from the ground up with Javascript and HTML5 to work on all browsers and devices from Internet Explorer 6 up to iOS and Android.

Juicebox features the ease-of-use, beautiful interface and attention-to-detail that you expect from the creators of SimpleViewer, and is built with web standards (aka not Flash) to be completely future-proof. We can’t wait to show it off but we don’t want to release it until it’s just right.

Stay tuned for more details, or sign up for the Juicebox newsletter to hear about the launch first!

3 Responses to “Coming Soon – a Brand New HTML5 Image Gallery!”

  1. bertrand says:

    Great news !
    I can not wait to see this famous Juicebox !
    As I already mentioned in the SimpleViewer-Pro forum, I really hope this new product will give non-flash galleries that look like the current Autoviewer galleries (since current options for SimpleViewer-Pro are not able to display previous/next images on the left/right og the main image).

  2. Sounds great! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what Juicebox is all about. Hopefully it gives the user the ability to create galleries with menu structure for different categories, an about page and news page. That would be really great. A complete package for the photographer. 🙂

  3. Rob Reed says:

    Just looking through the Juicebox info for the first time now. It looks great. I’d like to see a post about the future of SimpleViewer/SimpleViewer Pro in light of Juicebox.

    I’ve always found SimpleViewer to be second to none. Glad to see you provide a robust HTML5 product so soon. And I’m glad I can continue to rely on SimpleViewer Inc. to do it.

    I can’t say how important a self-hosted option like Juicebox is.

    I work on an open source, self-hosted, personal publishing platform. Best in class solutions like your products are incredibly important to continuing to make independent sites, and especially smaller platforms, a viable option.

    Keep up the good work (for a very long time to come)!

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