What does Juicebox Mean for SimpleViewer-Pro Customers?

We’ve had some feedback from SimpleViewer-Pro customers who are confused as to the relationship between SimpleViewer and Juicebox, so I’m going to discuss some of the ideas behind our current strategy.

Why 2 Different Products?

SimpleViewer was originally built in 2003 using Adobe Flash. Flash was, and remains to be, a great technology for building web image galleries.

Around 2009, a new class of mobile internet devices began to surge in popularity (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets). These devices do not support Flash (Android has limited Flash support, but this is being discontinued in the future). To cater to these devices, in 2010 we released a version of SimpleViewer that offers limited support for non-Flash devices.

As we looked at adding more features to the non-Flash version of SimpleViewer, it became apparent that we had to redesign and re-build from scratch. In order to maintain consistency between the desktop and mobile versions we needed to remove the Flash component and rebuild entirely in JavaScript. To support various screen sizes we had to redesign the UI.

So the decision was made to create a new product called Juicebox and to keep the existing SimpleViewer product alive. Many SimpleViewer users are happy with their existing galleries and do not want to change. Rather than force Simpleviewer users to upgrade to a new version with a different design and feature set, we decided to give them the option to keep their existing galleries or to switch.

SimpleViewer remains  a great image gallery product. We will continue to actively develop and maintain both products separately.

What are the Differences between SimpleViewer and Juicebox?

  • Juicebox is a separate codebase to Simpleviewer with a different design and feature set.
  • Juicebox has full compatibility between desktop and mobile galleries. All features work across all devices.
  • The Juicebox design is more streamlined and minimal.
  • Juicebox design, icons, fonts etc can be completely customized via CSS.
  • Juicebox UI is built to be flexible to adapt to different screen sizes. Read about how Juicebox adapts for various devices.
  • Juicebox has a different licensing model. Juicebox requires a per-site license.
  • JuiceboxBuilder includes ‘true’ watermarking.

Should I Switch to Juicebox?

If you are happy with your current SimpleViewer galleries then there is no need to switch. If you require full compatibility between desktop and mobile galleries, you should go with Juicebox. Before you decide, download the free version of Juicebox and see what you think.

Special Offer Discount Price for Existing SimpleViewer-Pro Customers

If you are a current customer who has purchased SimpleViewer-Pro, you are entitled to a special sidegrade discount price of 30% off (to give a price of $34 dollars for the Single Site license and $69 for the 5 site license). To get your discount coupon code, please email us with your SimpleViewer-Pro transaction id and original purchase email address, and we will send you your coupon code.

We will be sending out an email newsletter update with this information to existing SimpleViewer customers in the next few days. Please post any questions in the comments below.

17 Responses to “What does Juicebox Mean for SimpleViewer-Pro Customers?”

  1. James Norman says:

    Are there plans to have the equivalent of svManager for JuiceBox? Or possibly a revision to the existing version to allow support for JuiceBox galleries?

  2. Hi

    Can I mix Juicebox html 5 code with a site that currently uses html 4 and asp?

  3. Felix says:

    @James – svManager already supports Juicebox. Check the svManager version history.

    @Chris – Yes. HTML5 is backwards compatible with previous versions of HTML + ASP

  4. Scott says:

    Will galleries be editable online via php (ie sv_buildgallery.php)?

  5. Felix says:

    @Scott – we don’t have a php build script yet, but may add one in future. There are also Juicebox plugins for PhotoShop, Lightroom, WordPress and more: http://juicebox.net/support/creation/

  6. Scott says:

    Thanks. I hope you add one (php build script). For me it has been the best way to update my galleries. At this point, the lack of the php script is the only thing that makes me reluctant to purchase juicebox pro.

  7. Robert says:

    Hi, I’m a bit confused about the ‘sidegrade discount price’. I am interested in a Single Site license of Juicebox, but I want to continue using SimpleViewer-Pro on other sites. Can I still get it at the discount price?

  8. Lyle Turner says:

    What about svBuilder? I saw that you said svManager could support Juicebox, but can I build Juicebox galleries within svBuilder?

  9. Michael says:

    Does Juicebox also work together with your AutoIndex galleries?

  10. Michael says:

    … I mean the ttg AutoIndex.
    SimpleviewerPro is working with it.
    Thank you.

  11. Michael says:

    Does the JuiceboxBuilder support Captions already stored in the EXIFs?
    I tried the Lite Version … and JuiceboxBuilder is ignoring the Caption field in the EXIF data of the jpg-file.
    It would be a pity, if I have to reenter all captions.
    Regards, Michael

  12. Felix says:

    @Robert – If you want to continue to use SimpleViewer-Pro you still qualify for the discount code. You can use Juicebox and SimpleViewer on the same machine and/or website with no problems.

    @Lyle – svBuilder does not work with Juicebox. Juicebox has it’s own builder application – JuiceboxBuilder.

    @Michael – I dont believe TTG AutoIndex currently works with Juicebox but I think Matthew is working on it. Please check over at http://theturninggate.net/

    @Michael – JuiceboxBuilder does not currently support loading EXIF captions. We will be adding that in a future version. You can also read EXIF captions via the Juicebox Lightroom Plugin and the Juicebox jAlbum plugin. Check here for details: http://juicebox.net/support/creation/

  13. Michael says:

    @Felix – unfortunately, the Lightroom 4 web interface has changed substantially: smart collections are no longer supported 🙁
    Instead it is necessary, to generate for each gallery a duplicate “web collection”. Very ugly, very annoying …

    So in the moment the simple way of Lightroom 3 to use the Simpleviewer Pro plugin is gone 🙁

    I have to think, what is least cumbersome …

    Thank you and regards, Michael

  14. Felix says:

    @Michael – You can still use SimpleViewer with Lightroom 3. Juicebox does not work with Lightroom 3 since it does not support loading XML via JavaScript.

  15. Neil Banek says:


    Will I need to Re-create all my gallery’s or can JuiceBox transfer than from Simpleviewer?


  16. Felix says:

    @Neil – Juicebox will import and convert SimpleViewer galleries. See here: http://juicebox.net/support/creation/#convert-simpleviewer

  17. MoOoH says:

    This is a great work !
    But i think that there is some things that could make this gallery better. Here is a little list of the few things i really miss ( in pro version ).

    – Possibility to have a a background image or logo, so you don’t have an empty unique background color.
    – More customisation the “Back” Button ( choose the font, the size, on/off shadow effect of the text, … )
    – Possibility to choose the location of the navigation “arrows”. We should be able to set them just at the edge of the picture, or at the edge of the screen/navigator.

    I will let you know, if you are interested, in otherstuff that could be usefull to users 😉

    Thx again for your great work !

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