Showkase is Live!


We are very happy to launch Showkase just in time for the holidays! Showkase lets you build a great looking HTML5 image portfolio website from scratch. Showkase is a one-time purchase web app that you install on your web server. Check out the new for a full list of features and demos.


Showkase sites look fresh out of the box, and are designed to be beautiful and easy to use. Showkase comes with 3 built-in website themes and 3 image viewers to choose from. Showkase sites are built with HTML5 and responsive design to work on all devices including iPads, iPhones, Android devices and desktop browsers. Showkase sites are touch device ready and look great on different sized screens.

Showkase comes with 3 powerful image viewers: JuiceboxSimpleViewer and ListViewer. These viewers provide a beautiful, responsive user interface to display your images in an easy to use manner. Easily customize your Showkase site by selecting from 3 built-in themes. Fine-tune color schemes, fonts and image sizes via the admin interface.

Should I buy the Standard version or the Pro Viewer Bundle?

Showkase comes in 2 versions: Showkase Standard and the Pro Viewer Bundle. Showkase Standard includes the Lite version of the Juicebox and SimpleViewer galleries. The Pro versions of these galleries offer advanced customization options, no branding, and unlimited images per gallery. If you purchase Showkase Standard, you have the option to purchase the Pro galleries and upgrade at a later point.

I own Juicebox-Pro or SimpleViewer-Pro. Can I use it with Showkase?

Yes. Customers who have already purchased Juicebox-Pro or SimpleViewer-Pro can purchase Showkase Standard and upgrade it to use the Pro viewer.

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