The End of Flash and What this Means for SimpleViewer.


Google recently announced that the Chrome browser will start blocking Flash by the end of 2016. Flash content will be blocked by default, however users will be able to enable it on a site-by-site basis. For SimpleViewer galleries, this means that users will need to click a button in Chrome before viewing the gallery content.

This is another painful blow in the slow decline of Flash. Since SimpleViewer is built with Flash, we are now recommending potential users switch to our sister product Juicebox instead.

Juicebox makes it easy to build beautiful image galleries that work on all modern web devices. Juicebox has been built from the ground up with future-proof Javascript and HTML5 to work on the broadest range of devices including Android and iOS. Juicebox features the ease-of-use, beautiful interface and attention-to-detail that you expect from the creators of SimpleViewer. We offer a free Lite version and a paid Pro version. Please take the tour, view the demos or download it and take it for a spin.

For more information on Juicebox compared to SimpleViewer please check this blog post on the subject from 2012.

Special Offer Discount Price for Existing SimpleViewer-Pro Customers

If you are a current customer who has purchased SimpleViewer-Pro, you are entitled to a special side-grade discount price of 30% off Juicebox-Pro. To get your discount coupon code, please email us with your SimpleViewer-Pro transaction id or purchase email address, and we will send you your coupon code.

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