SimpleViewer 2.0 Released!

We are very happy to announce that SimpleViewer 2.0 has been released! Check the version history for a full list of new features. This is a re-write from the ground up that has been designed to fulfill the requests of our fantastic user community, while retaining the simplicity of v1. A big thanks to all the beta testers who helped out in the debug phase.

New Features in SimpleViewer 2.0

Here are details on a some of the new features of SimpleViewer 2.0:

Compact Mode

SimpleViewer v1 was originally designed for display in a full browser window. v2 includes a new compact mode that is designed for embedding in a blog page or other web page with limited space. The Fullscreen button allows the gallery to pop-out and display images at high resolution. Here’s an example pulling from Flickr’s most interesting images:

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Fullscreen Mode and External Image Links

SimpleViewer 2.0 supports fullscreen mode via clicking the Button Bar (at top right) or via the right-click menu. Each image can now have an associated external link url which is accessible via the button bar or via right-click.

Easy Flickr Integration

SimpleViewer 2.0 includes direct Flickr integration. Creating a Flickr gallery is very easy – no need to mess with image resizing and creating thumbnails. Flickr images can be fetched by user name and/or tags.


SimpleViewer 2.0 will automatically detect the user’s system language and translate on-screen text for 13 common languages. Thanks to the community for helping out with the translation.

New Features in SimpleViewer-Pro 2.0

Let’s not forget about SimpleViewer-Pro 2.0. Check out a demo here.

Easier Customization

This was actually the number one reason for updating SimpleViewer. Previous versions of SimpleViewer-Pro required editing ActionScript files and doing a Flash publish in order to customize. This was fine for Flash developers but many users found the process frustrating. SimpleViewer-Pro 2.0 moves all the configuration options to an XML file so they are a lot easier to tweak. We have also introduced svBuilder – a cross-platform desktop application built on Adobe AIR. This app allow you to easily configure your galleries with a WYSIWYG live preview. There are over 150 new configuration options to allow complete control over your gallery.


Lots of New Pro Features

We spent a lot of time going through our Pro users’ feature requests and tried to include the most commonly requested. Here’s a few:

  • AutoPlay mode – hands free gallery viewing, including looping and randomization options.
  • Watermarking – load an external PNG to overlay over your images.
  • Audio support – optionally play muzak with your gallery.
  • Direct Image Download – optionally allow users to directly download images to their desktop
  • Large gallery support – SimpleViewer v1 loads all gallery images into memory at once which can cause issues for large galleries. SimpleViewer v2 loads and unloads images per thumbnail page and so can handle large galleries containing up to 500 images.

ActionScript and JavaScript API

The new SimpleViewer-Pro API (Application Programmers Interface) allows you to control and interact with the SimpleViewer-Pro SWF and even create your own custom User Interfaces. This API can be accessed from Javascript or ActionScript using Flash or Flex.

Upgrading from v1.9

Upgrading from v1.9 is easy. To upgrade SimpleViewer check here. For information about upgrading SimpleViewer-Pro check here.

Customers who purchased SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 on or after 9th December 2008 are eligible for a free courtesy upgrade to v2.0. To receive your upgrade please fill out this form.

We welcome your feedback on v2. Please do not post support questions here, post them in the support forum. Thanks!

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  2. Ethan says:

    Thanks a million for the new version, we love SV!

  3. pascal says:

    Toujours aussi efficace depuis au moins 5 ans …je ne me rappelle plus / je prefere la version 3D que notre Ć©quipe a choisi pour le site

  4. Martin says:

    Congrats! Great product,as usual šŸ˜‰ Btw I want to notice that your previous products created sort of standards for flash image viewers. Like simplistic design, clear and calm colors, simple buttons. Keep up your great job!

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  6. impresionant resource! thank you!

  7. Matt says:

    Hi, i love these clean good looking designs. I was wondering if anyone could help me find where i can download the simpleviewer compact to add to my site? Any help would be most appreciated, thank you! Matt

  8. The new version is very pretty and easy!

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