PostcardViewer - Frequently Asked Questions

Check here first if you have a question about using PostcardViewer or PostcardViewer-Pro.


1: When I view my gallery I see the message 'PostcardViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player', even though I have Flash installed.

First check here to determine the version of Flash you have installed. If you have Flash 8 or higher installed and you still see the message:

  • Check javascript is not disabled in your browser settings.
  • Check you have uploaded the 'swfobject.js' file in your simpleviewer gallery folder.

2: My images do not show in PostcardViewer. What are possible problems?

Make sure your jpgs are saved as "non-progressive". Check your image editing software's documentation for how to do this.

3. My images show locally, but not when I upload them to my webserver. What are possible problems?

Check your image paths and filenames exactly match the names specified in the XML file. Most servers are Case Sensitive. This means the letter cases in the filename must exactly match those in the XML document (for example ".jpg" is not the same as ".JPG").

Another possible problem is if your webserver has  'Hotlink Protection' enabled. Hotlink Protection breaks PostcardViewer. Check with your webserver administrator.

4: When I update my images, the new images do not show up on my server. Why?

You may be looking at a cached version of gallery.xml. Browsers will save previously viewed versions of files on the web for faster loading. To avoid this, you can clear your browser cache after making updates. To clear the cache in Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Files, or press Ctrl-F5 to reload the page without caching.

Visitors to your gallery will almost always see the latest version of your gallery. Most browsers check for newer versions of files on each browser session. Browser caching happens for all websites, so this issue applies to all files on the web.

5: Why do non-English characters not show up in the captions?

PostcardViewer uses an embedded font to allow the rotated captions to be displayed. The embedded character set is 'Basic Latin'. This means non-english characters will not appear. Bold and Italic fonts characters are not embedded. PostcardViewer-Pro includes the option to embed different fonts.

6. I created a gallery with 100 images. When I view this gallery, my computer slows down or freezes.

PostcardViewer is designed for viewing at most around 30 images per gallery. More images than this can cause slow performance on older machines, as all the images are loaded into memory simultaneously. Try splitting your gallery into multiple sub-galleries.

7. How do I upgrade my old galleries to PostcardViewer v1.2?

There are 2 options when upgrading your galleries to v1.2: create the new gallery from scratch or manually update the files in your gallery folder. To manually upgrade, you need to:

  • Copy in the new 'swfobject.js' and 'viewer.swf' files from the v1.2 download.
  • Edit the gallery HTML page. Change ' flashobject' to 'swfobject'
  • Rename 'gallerydata.xml' file to 'gallery.xml'
  • Edit 'gallery.xml'. Add full image paths in the url values. So if your images are in the 'img' folder set the url to: <url>img/my_image.jpg</url>

8. How do I add HTML formatting to my Captions?

To use HTML formatting in your captions, you must wrap the HTML formatted text inside a CDATA tag. Bold and Italic text is not supported. For example:

<caption><![CDATA[Captions can be HTML formatted. Supported tags are <u>underline</u>, <u><a href="" target="_blank">hyperlinks</a></u>, linebreaks<br> and <font color="#ffff00" size="60">font tags</font>.]]> </caption>


1. How do I change the caption font?

Edit the 'Caption' symbol in the FLA (see here). Select the text field. Select a font from the Properties-> Font drop-down menu. To use an embedded font, slect 'Anti-Alias for Animation' from the 'Use device fonts' drop-down. Then select the required character range in the 'Character Embedding' menu. For basic english language, select the 'Basic Latin' character set.