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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about using SimpleViewer, please check the FAQ first. Chances are your question has already been answered.

Support Forum

SimpleViewer is supported via an online forum. Before posting a new question, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

Current Version

SimpleViewer is currently on version 2.3.2. Not your version? View upgrade details and previous version documentation.

Getting Started

  1. Download and unzip SimpleViewer to your desktop.
  2. Install and run svBuilder to create your first gallery.

Universal Playback

iPad SupportSimpleViewer now includes SimpleViewer Mobile, a HTML5 version of SimpleViewer specifically designed for mobile devices that do not support Flash. This includes iPhones, iPads and Android devices. SimpleViewer Mobile provides a minimal interface to better present images on a small screen.

The mobile version of the gallery is automatically created and is displayed if the user's device does not have the Flash plugin enabled. To see this in action, view any SimpleViewer demo using a mobile device.

Using Templates

We recommend using svBuilder as the easiest and most powerful way to build a SimpleViewer gallery. You can also build SimpleViewer galleries using the following templates and scripts:

Common Terms

The following terms are used frequently in this documentation:

  • Gallery Folder - this is the folder that contains the index.html file, gallery.xml file, gallery images and thumbnails and the svcore folder. To publish your gallery, upload the gallery folder to your website.
  • Config Options - a list of options that describes a gallery's behavior. Contained in the gallery.xml file. View config option descriptions here.
  • gallery.xml - this document describes how your gallery behaves. It contains gallery config options as well as image and caption data. An XML file is a simple text file that can be edited in any text editor.
  • Local Gallery - a gallery that loads images and thumbnails from the gallery folder. Image information and captions are specified in the gallery.xml file.
  • Flickr Gallery - a gallery that loads images, thumbnails and text from Flickr.
  • svCore - this folder contained in the gallery folder, contains all the core files required by the SimpleViewer gallery.

Download Folder Contents

  • svBuilder.air - svBuilder installer. Double-click to install svBuilder.
  • web - contains an example SimpleViewer gallery folder.

International Language Support

SimpleViewer will automatically detect the user's system language and translate onscreen text for the following languages:

  • DA - Danish
  • DE - German
  • EN - English
  • ES - Spanish
  • FI - Finnish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • JA - Japanese
  • NL - Dutch
  • NO - Norwegian
  • PL - Polish
  • PT - Portuguese
  • RU - Russian
  • SV - Swedish
  • TR - Turkish
  • VI - Vietnamese
  • ZH - Chinese

To display on-screen text in a language other than those above, use the languageList config option.