Using the SimpleViewer Picasa Template

The SimpleViewer Picasa Template allows you to automatically generate SimpleViewer galleries using Google's Picasa (Windows or Mac).

Note this plugin is currently broken for the Mac, due to a bug in the latest version of Picasa. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. In the mean-time please try a different method to create your galleries.

Creating a SimpleViewer Gallery with Picasa

Follow these steps to automatically build SimpleViewer galleries using Picasa.

1. Install SimpleViewer Picasa Template

  1. Download the SimpleViewer Picasa Template. (NOTE: this is a different file than the regular SimpleViewer download). Unzip and copy the folder to your Picasa web templates folder:
    • Windows: \Program Files\Google\Picasa3\web\templates
    • Macintosh:
      (To browse inside a package, use ctrl-click and select "Show Package Contents")
  2. Restart Picasa.

2. Create SimpleViewer Gallery

  1. In Picasa, select the images you want in your gallery, then click Folder -> Export as HTML Page...
  2. Select your image size and gallery title.
  3. In the Select a Web Page Template page, select SimpleViewer.
  4. Click 'Export'.
  5. The gallery will be generated and displayed in a new browser window. Image captions in Picasa will show as captions in SimpleViewer.

3. Edit Gallery Options (Optional)

Once you have created your SimpleViewer gallery, you can modify the gallery options in 2 ways:

Note to give the best layout for your gallery, you should set the 'maxImageWidth' and 'maxImageHeight' to match the dimensions of your largest image.

4. Set Gallery Background Color (Optional)

To set the background color, edit index.html. Enter the hex color value (eg "222222") like this:

SV.simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "100%", "222222", true);

5. Upload Gallery to your Web-Server

Use the FTP program of your choice to upload the generated folder to your web-server.

Modifying the Default Options

You can modify the default XML options generated by the picasa template by editing the header.xml file in the picasa template folder.

Upgrading the SimpleViewer Picasa Template to Pro

To upgrade your Picasa SimpleViewer Template installation to use SimpleViewer-Pro:

  • Replace the svcore folder in the Picasa SimpleViewer template assets folder with the one from the Pro download. To do this:
    • Copy the /web/svcore folder from the Pro download folder.
    • Paste it to the /web/templates/simpleviewer_picasa_template/assets/ folder inside the Picasa application folder, replacing the existing svcore folder. [Note for Mac Users: To browse inside the Picasa package, use ctrl-click and select "Show Package Contents"]
  • Restart Picasa. Any galleries you create from now on will be Pro.