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SimpleViewer 1.9 - Automatic Desktop Instructions

This document applies to SimpleViewer version 1.9. SimpleViewer has been upgraded to version 2.3.0. View upgrade information.

These instructions show you how to create a SimpleViewer gallery by using desktop software. This is probably the easiest way to create a SimpleViewer gallery. Once you have created your gallery you can upload it to your web server.

These are the desktop programs that will automatically generate SimpleViewer galleries:


Picasa is Google's free image editing and organising software. It can be used to generate SimpleViewer galleries in seconds. Check here for details.


Porta is a free, easy to use, and lightweight program to generate web galleries from your images. Porta will generate a SimpleViewer gallery in seconds. To have Porta generate SimpleViewer galleries, click into the Options screen, then check the "Use SimpleViewer as primary album viewer" checkbox. Download and install Porta from here.


Imacomino has developed a free SimpleViewer plugin for RapidWeaver (macintosh only). Download it here.


SimpleViewerExport is a kipi-plugin to export image albums to SimpleViewer. It can be used from any application which uses kipi-plugins. Installation and usage instructions are here. (Note: SimpleViewerExport currently supports SimpleViewer v1.7)

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom v2 can export to SimpleViewer v1.8.5. Open the 'Web' module, then select 'Airtight SimpleViewer' from the 'Engine' list.