WP-SimpleViewer Wordpress Plugin

The WP-SimpleViewer plugin allows you to easily create SimpleViewer galleries with WordPress. Images and captions can be loaded from the WordPress Media Library, from Flickr or from a NextGEN Gallery.

WP-SimpleViewer is currently onĀ version View the version history.


Before installing, please confirm your web server meets the following requirements. If you are not sure, contact your web host tech support.

  • WordPress version 2.8 or higher.
  • PHP version 5.2.0 or higher.
  • The /wp-content/uploads/ folder must exist and have full access permissions (777).
  • PHP DOM extension enabled (this is enabled by default, however some web hosts may disable it).
  • Active theme must call the wp_head function in it's header.php file.


  1. Download the WP-SimpleViewer plugin. Unzip the plugin folder on your local machine.
  2. Upload the complete plugin folder into your WordPress blog's /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. If the the /wp-content/uploads/ folder does not exist, create it and give it write permissions (777) using an FTP program.

Adding a Gallery

  1. Add or Edit a WordPress Post.
  2. Click the 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' or the SimpleViewer 'eye' icon button.
  3. Enter the required gallery options in the popup form. Check option descriptions here.
  4. Click 'Add Gallery' button. This will add the required gallery tag into your post. The gallery tag will look something like this:

    [simpleviewer gallery_id="4"]

Adding Images From Flickr

  1. In the 'Add Gallery' screen, select Image Source: 'Flickr'.
  2. Enter the required Flickr username and tags. Gallery images will be automatically updated if new images are added to Flickr.
  3. Click 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' to view your gallery.

Adding Images From WordPress Media Library

  1. In the 'Add Gallery' screen, select Image Source: 'Media Library'. Note you can only include 1 Media Library gallery per post.
  2. In the 'Add Post' or 'Edit Post' screen click the 'Add Media' button, above the main post text window.
  3. The following steps depend on your version of WordPress.

    WordPress prior to 3.5:
    • In the 'From Computer' tab, click 'Select Files'. Upload images from your local machine. Enter text in the 'Caption' field to be displayed as the SimpleViewer caption.
    • Your uploaded images will show in the 'Add Media -> Gallery' tab. Image order is determined by the order of the images as displayed in the list. To change the order, drag and drop the images. When done, click 'Save All Changes'.
    WordPress 3.5 or later:
    • Go to the 'Insert Media' section.
    • Upload images from your local machine by clicking 'Select Files' or by dragging and dropping the images into the media window.
    • Wait until the images have finished uploading.
    • Reorder the images (if necessary) by going to the 'Insert Media -> Media Library' section, selecting 'Uploaded to this post' and then dragging and dropping the images into the order you require.
    • Close the media window using the cross at the top right (do not click 'Insert into post' or 'Create a new gallery').
  4. Return to the post and click 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' to rebuild the new gallery. Clear your browser's cache to see the updated gallery.

Editing a Gallery

To Edit Options

  1. 'Edit' the WordPress post which contains the gallery you want to edit. Make a note of the gallery_id parameter in the SimpleViewer gallery tag.
  2. Select the 'Edit Galleries' link in the 'SimpleViewer' menu in the left column of WordPress.
  3. Find the required gallery from the list via the gallery_id parameter. Click 'Edit Gallery'. Modify your gallery options in the 'Edit Gallery' Screen.
  4. 'Edit' the WordPress post which contains the gallery and click 'Update'.

To Edit Images

  • Flickr galleries will be automatically updated when your Flickr photostream changes.
  • For WordPress Media Library galleries:
    • 'Edit' the post that contains the gallery.
    • Click the 'Add Media' button.
    • The following steps depend on your version of WordPress.

      WordPress prior to 3.5:
      • To add new images, go to the 'From Computer' tab.
      • To view, reorder or delete images, go to the 'Gallery' tab.
      • When done, click 'Save all changes' on the 'Gallery' tab and close the 'Add Media' window.
      WordPress 3.5 or later:
      • To add new images, go to the 'Insert Media' section and click 'Select Files' or drag and drop the images into the media window.
      • To view, reorder or delete images, go to the 'Insert Media -> Media Library' section and select 'Uploaded to this post'. Images can be dragged and dropped into a new order.
      • When done, close the media window using the cross at the top right (do not click 'Insert into post' or 'Create a new gallery').
    • 'Update' the post.
    • Clear your browser's cache to see the updated gallery.

Upgrading to SimpleViewer-Pro

SimpleViewer-Pro supports advanced customization options, no branding, unlimited images and more. To upgrade the WP-SimpleViewer plugin to SimpleViewer-Pro, do the following:

  1. Purchase and download SimpleViewer-Pro.
  2. Replace the svcore folder in the WordPress plugin folder with the one from the SimpleViewer-Pro download. To do this - upload the /web/svcore/ folder from the Pro download folder to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/svcore/ folder inside your WordPress install folder.
  3. Clear your browser's cache. If you do not see the 'SimpleViewer' badge at bottom right of your gallery, you have successfully upgraded to Pro.
  4. You can now enter Pro config options into the "Pro Options" text area. Pro options are added one per line in the following format:

    optionName = "optionValue"

Upgrading from WP-SimpleViewer v1.5.4

The new version of the plugin (v2) is completely re-written from scratch and is therefore not backward-compatible. This means that galleries made with the previous version of the plugin will not display once you upgrade. If you would like to continue to run the old version (v1.5.4) simultaneously with the new version (v2) do this:

  1. Download this version of the v1.5.4 plugin. This is the old plugin, renamed to 'WP-SimpleViewer-v1'.
  2. Unzip the file and upload the plugin folder into your WordPress blog's /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the 'WP-SimpleViewer-v1' plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. Old galleries will now be displayed.


WP-SimpleViewer is supported via an online forum. Before posting a new question, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

Version History

  • Fixed problem with non-default permalinks

  • Fixed gallery settings window style
  • Improved error handling

  • Fixed bug whereby galleries did not display under themes which loaded FitVids JavaScript file
  • Added ability to copy and paste shortcode tag into body of page or post when using an unsupported editor
  • Allowed custom media button to be displayed only within backend pages
  • Ensured code is not added to external pages by plugins or themes
  • Ensured JavaScript file is enqueued correctly within frontend pages
  • Improved error notification when WordPress nonce verification fails
  • Improved handling of multi-line image titles and image captions
  • Replaced deprecated code with updated equivalent

  • Fixed bug whereby defaults could not be set and galleries could not be edited in WebKit browsers
  • Fixed bug whereby 'NextGEN Gallery' and 'Picasa Web Album' galleries did not display
  • Fixed bug whereby submission could be performed remotely

  • Supports SimpleViewer v2.3.2
  • Added support for using Picasa Album Id as well as Picasa Album Name
  • Fixed 'PHP Notice' in WordPress Debug Mode
  • Improved gallery settings window layout
  • Ensured all external CSS and JavaScript files are loaded only when required
  • Removed deprecated code

  • Added support for adding gallery in QuickPress widget on Dashboard page via media button
  • Added support for CKEditor and FCKEditor
  • Added support for reversing image order for 'Media Library' galleries
  • Added tooltip text on 'Manage Galleries' page
  • Fixed bug whereby default Pro Options appeared in gallery Pro Options text area in edit gallery form
  • Fixed bug whereby gallery did not display under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug whereby Picasa Web Album did not display if Picasa User Id or Picasa Album Name contained whitespace
  • Fixed bug whereby plugin did not activate successfully under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug whereby XML data was not generated dynamically under certain WordPress installations
  • Fixed HTML errors on 'Manage Galleries' page
  • Fixed incompatibility with ThemeForest Evermore theme
  • Fixed server paths in backup and restore Pro 'svcore' folder routines
  • Fixed visual input field issues in WebKit browsers
  • Ensured all XML files use UTF-8 encoding
  • Ensured only accepted images are included in galleries
  • Ensured only required attributes are included in dynamically generated XML files
  • Ensured only required resource files are included in administration pages
  • Ensured only single SimpleViewer shortcode tag is inserted in page or post when user clicks 'Add Gallery' button multiple times
  • Improved support for WordPress capabilities
  • Improved error handling when unable to include SimpleViewer shortcode in page or post
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Removed 'default.xml' file
  • Clean color and opacity values
  • Clean numeric gallery configuration option values
  • Custom default values no longer overwritten when updating plugin
  • Disabled non-layout and gallery-specific options on 'Set Default Values' page
  • Media Library gallery message displays 'Upload/Insert' or 'Add Media' depending on version of WordPress installed
  • Moved all inline CSS to external stylesheets
  • Optimized code
  • Pro 'svcore' folder no longer overwritten when updating plugin
  • Standard Options from the Pro Options text area are no longer entered into the output XML files

  • Added support for 'Include Featured Image' in 'Media Library' galleries
  • Fixed bug preventing Dashboard menu links from being displayed in certain installations
  • Pro Options are now case-insensitive
  • 'Delete All Galleries' button changed to 'Delete All Data' as button now cleanly removes all plugin-related data rather than just resetting options


  • Supports SimpleViewer v2.3.1
  • Added support for 'Picasa Web Album' as source of images
  • Added support for WordPress installations on https:// secure servers
  • XML file now created dynamically so no need to edit gallery or post to rebuild static XML file
  • Made distinction between pages and posts throughout plugin
  • Fixed bug allowing multiple gallery shortcodes to be entered into each post
  • Fixed bug whereby duplicate calls were made to certain methods
  • Fixed bug whereby corrupt NextGEN Gallery installation caused NextGEN-sourced gallery to fail


  • Added support for NextGEN galleries as source of images
  • Added ability to delete all galleries and reset Gallery Id to zero
  • Added ability to set/reset default values for gallery options
  • Improved and restructured code
  • Removed redundant code
  • Fixed incompatibilities with other plugins
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed missing 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' text button
  • Fixed debug mode warnings
  • Supports SimpleViewer v2.3.0


  • Fixed Gallery Sizing Issues
  • Multiple Flickr Tags
  • Fixed API support [Mobile Player]
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed Gallery Sizing Issues
  • Fixed Compatibility with different jQuery versions
  • Fixed Page zooming on mobile devices
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements


  • Added Universal Playback
  • Supports SimpleViewer v2.1.2
  • Multiple bug-fixes


  • Added ability to delete galleries
  • Fixed extra quotes in Pro options


  • Supports SimpleViewer v2.0
  • Supports loading images from the WordPress Media Library or via Flickr
  • Compatible with WP 3.0