For documentation and support on using svManager, visit the svManager Support Home Page


Try the on-line demonstration. You can browse the screens and try-out the features. Some functionality is disabled in the demo version and changes you make will not be saved.


  • Create, edit and delete SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer and PostcardViewer galleries.
  • Manage gallery images: upload images, delete, edit caption text.
  • Sort images by name, date or Drag and Drop.
  • Set gallery options.
  • Import existing galleries into svManager.
  • Automatically generated gallery menu.
  • Password protected admin login.



Before purchasing svManager, please run the svManager Server Compatibility Test to ensure your web server is compatible. Most servers running PHP will meet the svManager installation requirements.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason svManager does not meet your requirements, please email us within 14 days of your order and we'll try to resolve any issues. If we are not able to resolve your issues, we will give you a 100% refund.

People are saying...

“Massively intuitive and has saved me a hell of a lot of time. I'll be recomending this to all my clients.”
Sasha Zivojinovic | 121282

“svManager is absolutely awesome. Very well designed and is nice and easy for the client to use.”
Faris Raouf | Cymru 1 Limited

“I wanted something that looked great and was easy to update... I purchased svManager and am now in heaven! Such a simple yet effective program.”
Chris Benny | Chris Benny Imaging