svManager Screen Shots

These screen shots from the svManager user interface are half-size. Click the image for a full-size version.

Galleries index

Galleries Index

  • Auto-generated index to all your galleries
  • Thumbnails are created by svManager
  • Index page html and css can be customized
Galleries screen

Gallery management

  • Overview listing of all your galleries
  • Supports AutoViewer, PostcardViewer, SimpleViewer and TiltViewer – both Standard and Pro
  • Create a new gallery with a single click
  • Reorder galleries list by age, title or type
  • List order also applies to the index page
Customize screen

Customize SimpleViewer

  • Make your gallery look how you want it
  • Pop-up color picker
  • Move the gallery on your server
  • Supports both XML and Flickr TiltViewer galleries
Upload screen

Upload your images

  • Easy image upload, singly or in batches
  • Optional resize before upload
  • Number and size of images is limited only by your server
Sort screen

Change the image order

  • Drag and drop sort for full control of image sequence
  • Or sort by age
  • Or sort by file name
  • First image thumbnail is used to represent your gallery in the index page
Images screen

Set captions and titles

  • Delete unwanted images
  • Show or hide flip button in TiltViewer
  • Set image titles, descriptions and links in TiltViewer
  • Set captions in AutoViewer, PostcardViewer and SimpleViewer
  • Each of these can be set for all images, for a selected set of images or individually for each image
Import screen

Import existing galleries

  • If you already have any of the supported galleries you can import them into svManager
Admin screen

Admin and support

  • Simple single-user password security
  • Change the user name and password easily
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • Dedicated support forum

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