svManager Frequently Asked Questions

Check here first if you have a question about using svManager.



Will svManager run on my server?

Install the free svManager server compatibility test.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of svManager?

You can download the latest version using the download link sent in your original purchase email. If you cannot locate your original download link, please fill out this form. To upgrade, please see the upgrade instructions in the user manual.

I've forgotten my password

Please see the user manual for how to reset your password.

I changed my password in the svManager Admin screen and now I can’t log in.

Did you enter a new user name as well as a new password? If you left the user name blank then that is your new user name. So try logging-in with the new password and no user name.

I’m getting error messages saying svManager can’t save files or can’t create new folders. What should I do?

Most probably the server access permissions for your svManager installation are not correct. First check the First Aid section under Troubleshooting in the manual and read the manual entry on permissions.

Are there any limits to the number of images I can have in svManager?

SvManager itself does not impose any limits but there are some limits within the galleries and some limits set by your server.

  • SimpleViewer standard version and Juicebox Lite are bundled free with svManager and are limited to 50 images per gallery – upgrade to SimpleViewer Pro or Juicebox Pro for more images.
  • The number and size of images that svManager can upload with one press of the button is limited by your server. More information on this in the Advanced section of the user manual.

SvManager creates galleries with addresses like How do I change that to

Move the gallery using the svManager customize screen.

How do I embed a gallery into my own html web page and manage it with svManager?

There are several ways to do this but the easiest is to use an html <iframe> tag. See this example for how to do it.

What is the best workflow for using svManager with svBuilder and SimpleViewer Pro?

  • Create a new gallery in svManager
  • Add a few sample images
  • Download the gallery folder to your desktop
  • Use svBuilder to get the look that you want
  • Upload the gallery back to the server replacing the old folder
  • Create similar galleries using the svManager ‘clone’ feature

You can also import an existing Pro gallery into svManager.

I’m seeing a message on the Add Images screen about an expired Thawte certificate. What does it mean?

This is just a warning and the uploader will continue to work. If you want to remove the message then upgrade to the latest version of svManager which will have a more recent certificate.

I can’t drag and drop images to the upload applet on the svManager Add images screen

Current browsers do not support drag and drop to java applets on the Macintosh. You can use the Add button in the svManager Add images screen to add your images for upload.

You can also use copy and paste. Copy the images to the Mac clipboard from the Finder or from an application such as iPhoto. Browse to the svManager Add images screen. Control-click on the file list box and a Paste button will pop up. Click the button.